Safari – Tumse Muhabbat Yu Nibhaayenge Ham Song Lyrics

Safari is a 1999 film directed by Jyoti Goel. It starred Sanjay Dutt, Juhi Chawla, Tanuja, Suresh Oberoi and Mohnish Behl in lead roles. An industrialist sends her would-be son-in-law to the Lakshadweep Island to construct a factory, he is abducted and killed by the native. The lady then sends her daughter, who is also abducted but rescued by a captain. From here, there love story starts.

Album: Safari

Song: Tumse Muhabbat Yu Nibhaayenge Ham


Ho tumse muhabbat yu nibhaayenge ham
Baaho me tumhaaree ghar banaayenge ham
Abb yeh divaanapan kam naa hoga sanam
Tumse muhabbat……..

Kahate hain madhosh najaare phulo ke yeh mele
Abb nahee jina ek pal hamane tere bina akele
O saara pyaar tum par hee lutaayenge ham
Tumhe paake sab kuchh bhul jaayenge ham
Abb yeh divaanapan…….

Sapane kee hee tarah bhula do woh pal aur woh baate
Hamko tum lauta do saaree pyaar kee woh saugaate o o o
Teree duniya se dur jaayenge ham
Yaado se dil ko bahalaayenge ham
Phir bhee divaanapan kam naa hoga sanam
Meraa divaanapan kam naa hoga sanam
Tumse muhabbat…….


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