Sahara – Andho Pe Daya Karna Daata Song Lyrics

Sahara is a 1958 film starring Meena Kumari in a lead role. The film is entirely based on her as she is shown going through lots of pain and suffering in her life. She is an orphaned raised by her cruel uncle and sister. She is married to a landlord and thrown away on fidelity ground. A distant relative takes her and blind her with some eye-drops and make her to beg for alms at the temple. There she develops a mother-son relationship with a boy forced to begging by the same relative.

Album: Sahara

Song: Andho Pe Daya Karna Daata


Andho pe daya karna daata, apanee aankho kee tumko kasam
Iss jholee ko bharana daata, apanee aankho kee tumko kasam

(Chhin jaatee hai jinakee yeh jyotee
Rah jaate hain thokar khaane ko) – (2)
Lut jaatee hai unakee sab khushiya
Gham rahata hai dil bahalaane ko – (2)
Andho pe daya karna daata…….

(Hamse naa churaao naa yu aankhe
Iss dharatee kee hee santaan hain ham) – (2)
Mohataaj sahee laachaar sahee
Phir bhee toh are insaan hain ham – (2)
Andho pe daya karna daata…….

(Ai malik tu apanee duniya me
Kisee bande ko yu majabur naa kar) – (2)
Dene ko toh de de har dukhada
Yeh aankhe magar benur naa kar
Andho pe daya karna daata…….


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