Sainik – Pyaar Woh Hai Jo Aankho Se Jhalakata Hai Song Lyrics

Sainik is a 1993 story of an army officer who has to leave back his pregnant wife for a year-long mission. Soon news about his death reaches to each of his family member, and they all keep it to themselves fearing the worst for disclosing it. Surprisingly, the officer returns to rescuing his sister from the kidnappers, and the family is reunited. Akshay Kumar, Ashwini Bhave, Anupam Kher, and Farheen are the main leads in the film.

Album: Sainik

Song: Pyaar Woh Hai Jo Aankho Se Jhalakata Hai


Jaam woh hai jo bhar ke (chhalakata hai -2)
Pyaar woh hai jo aankho se (jhalakata hai -2)
Jaam woh hai jo…….

Laharo ko kabhee chhupa paayega samandar – (2)
Roshanee kabhee chhupegee naa shama ke andar – (2)
Chehara khaamosh aaine me utar jaayega
Rang kushbu kaa havaao me bikhar jaayega, ho bikhar jaayega
Phul woh hai jo khil ke (mahakata hai -2)
Pyaar woh hai jo………..

Pyaar kee chaahat kee nayee roshanee dikhaane – (2)
Aaya hu dilo me se nafarate mitaane – (2)
Saaree duniya se toh ham dostee nibhaayenge
Pyaar kaa git saaree umrr gunagunaayenge ho gunagunaayenge
Saaj woh hai jo nagamo pe (khanakata hai -2)
Pyaar woh hai jo……….