Saiyaan – Tumhe Dil Diya Song Lyrics

Saiyan is a 1951 film directed by M. Sadiq and written by Azim Bazidpuri. It is a story of an orphaned girl given shelter by a respected family. The girl is so attractive that the two sons of the family tries to woo her. The younger one, who is headstrong and impulsive by nature, creates such a drama that it eventually leads to ruining of the family. Madhubala, Ajit, Sajjan, Leela Chitnis, and Raj Mehra were the main leads.

Album: Saiyaan

Song: Tumhe Dil Diya


Tumhe dil diya
Yeh kya kiya maine – (2)
Duniya kaa dard le liya maine
Tumhe dil diya, yeh kya kiya maine
Duniya kaa dard le liya maine

Kya bhale din the woh – (2)
Najaro me tum samaaye naa the
Kabhee bharee thandee saans nahee thee
Aur aankho me aansu aaye naa the
Abb rotee hu mai – (2)
Kya kiya haay kya kiya maine
Tumhe dil diya……

Abb haal yeh ho gaye hamaare – (2)
Sada bhige rahe naino ke kinaare
O jaanevaale mai pukaaru tu ek baar toh aa – (2)
Mere rote huye dil ko yeh baat bata
Bhala kiya ya bura kiya, haay bura kiya maine
Tumhe dil diya……