Talash (1969) – Kitanee Akelee Kitanee Tanaha See Lagee Song Lyrics

Talash is a 1969 film directed and produced by O. P. Ralhan. It starred Rajendra Kumar, Sharmila Tagore in double roles. Rajendra Kumar is playing Raju, who works in Ranjit & Co. as a typist. He is promoted as superintendent due to his hard work. While holidaying, he meets a village belle and makes a promise to marry her in a year. But when he returns, his boss proposes him to marry his daughter and become a partner. Now the question is whether he will choose his love and keep the promise, or marry the owner’s daughter and become rich. The choice is more critical since both the village belle and the boss’ daughter look like twin sisters.

Album: Talash (1969)

Song: Kitanee Akelee Kitanee Tanaha See Lagee


Kitanee akelee kitanee tanaha see lagee, unase milake mai aaj

Iss tarah khule naina, aaye woh mere aage
Jis tarah kisee gaharee nind se koyee jaage
Abb jaha se dur hu kahee, baithhee mai alabelee

Kaash woh mere banake paas yu kabhee aate
Khulate par baaho ke, tan diye se jal jaate
Pyaar ke bina hain yeh mann mera, jaise sunee hawelee