Taxi Driver – Ai Meree Jindagee, Aaj Raat Jhum Le Song Lyrics

This Bollywood movie released in the year 1954 and was produced under the banner of Navketan Films. The direction of the film is done by Mr Chetan Anand and the star cast is inclusive of Dev Anand and Kalpana Kartik in the lead roles along with Johnny Walker in a supporting character. The music direction for the film is done by Sachin Dev Burman and the lyrics are penned by Mr Sudhir Ludhianvi.

Album: Taxi Driver

Song: Ai Meree Jindagee, Aaj Raat Jhum Le


Ai meree jindagee, aaj raat jhum le, aasmaan ko chum le
Kisko pata hai kal aaye ke na aaye, ai meree jindagee

Aaj hai duneeya teree jhum le o matvaale
Yeh anamol jamaane phir nahee aane vaale
Dekh yeh rut kahee bit naa jaaye, ai meree jindagee

Pal pal katatee jaaye saans kee naajuk doree
Jalate kanval bujhaaye maut kee sina joree
Agale hee pal jaane kya ho jaaye
Ai meree jindagee

Aaj thahar hee na jaaye dhalatee raat ke saaye
Kal kisne dekha hai aaye ya na aaye
Aaye bhee toh jaane hame paaye ke na paaye
Ai meree jindagee


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