Udan Khatola – Duba Taara Ummido Kaa Sahaara Chhut Gaya Song Lyrics

Udan Khatola was produced by Naushad in 1955, who also composed the songs for the film written by Shakeel Badayuni. The soundtracks of the film became a super hit at that time. A man is rescued by a girl after a plane crash, and love starts blooming in between them. However, the only obstacle in the love affair is the head of the isolated city, which is ruled by women. Both start meeting each other where the girl disguises as a man. The problem starts when the Raj Rani comes to know about their love because she also wants the man to be hers.

Album: Udan Khatola

Song: Duba Taara Ummido Kaa Sahaara Chhut Gaya


Duba taara ummido kaa sahaara chhut gaya – (2)
Jab unake haath se daaman hamaara chhut gaya
O duba taara……..

Git milan ke gaatee duniya, dekh sakee naa hamko
Pyaar pe koyee bas naa chala toh – (2)
Chhin liya pritam ko -2, haay pritam ko
Nagaree mere armaano kee jamaana lut gaya
Jo mere haath se…….

Pyaase ko sagar dikhala ke, chhin liya kyon paanee o
O jag vaale
O jag vaale tune bhee mere – (2)
Dil kee lagee naa jaanee -2, haay naa jaanee
Tukade ho gaye mere dil ke nasiiba phut gaya
Jo mere haath se…….


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