Udan Khatola – Mohabbat Ki Rahon Main Song Lyrics

Udan Khatola was produced by Naushad in 1955, who also composed the songs for the film written by Shakeel Badayuni. The soundtracks of the film became a super hit at that time. A man is rescued by a girl after a plane crash, and love starts blooming in between them. However, the only obstacle in the love affair is the head of the isolated city, which is ruled by women. Both start meeting each other where the girl disguises as a man. The problem starts when the Raj Rani comes to know about their love because she also wants the man to be hers.

Album: Udan Khatola

Song: Mohabbat Ki Rahon Main


Mohabbat kee raahon mein, chalanaa sanbhal ke
Yahaa jo bhee aayaa, gayaa haath mal ke

Naa paayee kisee ne, mohabbat kee manjil
Kadam dagamagaayen, jaraa door chal ke

Humei dhoondhatee hai, bahaaron kee duniyaa
Kahaa aa gaye hum chaman se nikal ke

Kahee toot jaaye naa, hasarat bharaa dil
N yoo teer fenko, nishaanaa badal ke