Usne Kaha Tha – Machalti Aarazu Song Lyrics

Usne Kaha Tha is based on a 1915 short story by Chandradhar Sharma Guleri. The film was released in 1960. It starred Sunil Dutt, and Nanda in lead roles. The film shows two childhood friend forced to stay in different town due to circumstances, but meet again in their youth. To make himself suitable for the girl, the boy joins the Indian army and returns to find that she is already married. When he resume his duty he is shocked to see that she is married to his commanding officer. When the war breaks, she takes a promise from him to protect her husband. He keeps his words and dies saving her husband just because she told him to do so.

Album: Usne Kaha Tha

Song: Machalti Aarazu


O ho machalati aarazu khadi baanhen pasaare
O mere saajana re dhadakata dil pukaare a ja
Ho machalati aarazu …

Mera aanchal pakad-pakad ke kah raha mera dil
Zamaane ki nigaahon se yahaan chhup-chhup ke mil
Yaheen tanhaai mein dil ki kali jaayegi khil
Ho machalati aarazu …

Ajab masti mein dooba geet gaati hai hava
Dupatta mera rah-rah ke udaati hai hava
Karoon kya aate-jaate chhed jaati hai hava
Ho machalati aarazu …

Milan ke madabhare chanchal kyaalon mein magan
Main to takati hoon teri raah o mere sajan
Bahaaron ki lie muntazir jaise chaman
Ho machalati aarazu …