Vivah – Chhotasa Sajan Nanhisi Dulhan Song Lyrics

Vivah: A Journey From Engagement To Marriage is a 2006 film by Rajshri Productions. The story, screenplay, and direction are by Sooraj R. Barjatya. The film starred Shahid Kapoor, and Amrita Raso as the lead pairs. The story was inspired by a newspaper article published in 1988 as asserted by the director. It is set in a fictional town near Delhi and deals with marriage relationship between an upper-class business family with a middle class.

Album: Vivah

Song: Chhotasa Sajan Nanhisi Dulhan


Chhotasa sa sajan nanhisi dulhan
Doli saji hui dwar khadi hai – 2
Jiska vivah rachaya jaye
Beti kaha abhi itni badi hai – 2
Aaj hi le jayega wida kar – 2
Dulhe ne ye jeed pakadi hai
Beti puchhe babul se are bhejane ki kya jaldi padi hai – 2


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