Whats Your Raashee – Jaao Na Jaao Na Song Lyrics

What’s Your Raashee is a 2009 social comedy film directed and co-produced by Ashutosh Gowarikar. It starred Harman Baweja, and Priyanka Chopra in twelve different roles each representing the twelve sings of the zodiac. She is acting according to the signs that make people different from each other. It was for the first time that any actor or actress has performed so many roles in one film. Without any surprise, Priyanka won the Best Actress Screen Award.

Album: Whats Your Raashee

Song: Jaao Na Jaao Na


Jaao na jaao na jaao na jaao na

(Tum jo ho toh ga rahi hai yeh hawa
Tum jo ho toh reshami si hai fiza
Jaao na jaao na jaao na jaao na haan jaao na) – (2)

Ho phir yeh na raat aayegi, phir na yeh rut chhaayegi
Phir na yuun milana hoga, phir na jaane kya hoga
Jaao na jaao na jaao na jaao na

(Yeh raat thodi toh dhalane do, dheere dheere isako pighalane do
Aage hai do raah maana magar, thodi dur toh saath chalane do) – (2)
Ho khonewaali ho kal tum, ruk sako jo do pal tum
Kuchh tumhaari tasbeere rakh loon apani aankhon mein
Jaao na jaao na jaao na jaao na


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