Yasmeen – Dil Unako Dhundhata Hai Song Lyrics

This Bollywood movie released in the year 1955 and was directed, produced and written by Mr Abdur Rashid Kardar. The star cast for the film is inclusive of Vyjayanthimala who played the title character along with Suresh in leading roles. The supporting cast included Maruti Rao, Rashid Khan, Shyam Kumar, Rajan Haksar, S.N Banerjee and Jayant. The music composition for the songs of this film is done by Mr C.Ramchandra and the lyrics are penned by Jan Nisar Aktar.

Album: Yasmeen

Song: Dil Unako Dhundhata Hai


Dil unako dhundhata hai, (ham dil ko dhundhate hain -2)
Bhatake huye musaafir, (manjil ko dhundhate hain -2)

Ham hain teree lagan hai, aye shama too kaha hai – (2)
Parwana banake teree, (mehfil ko dhundhate hain -2)
Bhatake huye musaafir…….

Duniya se hai niraala dastur ashikon kaa aa aa – (2)
Jine kee araju me katila ko dhundhate hain
Bhatake huye musaafir…….

Sine me hasarato kaa jaga huwa hai tufaan – (2)
Ham mauj banake apane saahil ko dhundhate hain
Bhatake huye musaafir…….


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