Yeh Gulistaan Hamara – Mahala Mahala Maha Lambola Song Lyrics

This Bollywood movie released in the year 1972 and was directed by Mr Atma ram. The star cast for the film is inclusive of Dev Anand and Sharmila Tagore in the lead roles along with Johnny Walker, Sujit Kumar and Pran in supporting characters. The music composition for the song of this film is done by Mr Sachin Dev Burman. The film is set on one tribal community residing on the India-China border.

Album: Yeh Gulistaan Hamara

Song: Mahala Mahala Maha Lambola


Mahala mahala maha lambola – (2)
(Raina soyee soyee, naina jaagee jaagee
Jaane kya ho aage, dam dam damru bola) – (2)
Mahala mahala maha lambola – (2)

Rasta ghere raat khadee hai -2, paayal bedee ban gayee hai
Rasta ghere raat khadee hai, paayal bedee ban gayee hai
Ho tan dola mann dola dambola, raina soyee soyee……

Tushima aise chal rahee hai -2, nadiya jaise jal rahee hai

Tushima aise chal rahee hai, nadiya jaise jal rahee hai
O taj banee re shola dambola, raina soyee soyee……
Mahala mahala maha lambola – (2)

Royega jivan maut hasegee -2, kisee ko naagan aaj dasegee
Royega jivan maut hasegee, kisee ko naagan aaj dasegee
O bairan ne munh khola dambola


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